Ideas are brewing like Jon's favourite tea -

Jude's been going on about Oppo-sits - a little girl called Oppo who always wants to do the opposite of what she's told - involving the pleasures and pains of opposites. 

There's been day dreaming about Flutterpillar/Caterfly - a sonic looped and layered and unfolding physical landscape following the Life Cycle of a Butterfly [and perhaps a moth or two!]. A cosy, crawling, squashy transformative bubble that unwraps and ravels into light and floating flight. 

The colouring in quarters of Letter HG have been needing sharpened as Jon's been at it again scribbling away to create Derek. The [not so] awesome adventures of Derek and Eric . . . time will tell and so will we when we know what happens next!

Meantime, meet Derek ...

Derek Illustration by The Grey Earl

Derek Illustration by The Grey Earl