The Letter J make performance and art experiences for children and their communities.

Our history:

The Letter J was formed in 2012 by Judith Williams having been inspired by the illustrations of The Grey Earl [AKA Jon Bishop]. With the support of Imaginate, Jude and Jon roped in a couple of artist friends [Ruth Janssen and Andy McGeoch] to develop the idea for Grandad and Me and so it grew . . . our first full length production of Grandad and Me premiered in May 2014 at Imaginate then toured Scotland. 

We wish to offer a version of the world that is as tasty and textured as it can be.
— Jude and Jon

Our aims:

We seek to create high quality, relevant artistic experiences that resonate with young people, their families and communities.

We are committed to exploring new territories in terms of geography, scale of venues and artistic medium.

We are focused on taking high quality work to areas and audiences that might not have access to it otherwise.

We see children as our constructive critics and our practice is committed to making young voices heard within the children’s theatre sector.

We seek out cups of tea and yum yums.

We are committed to guitar loops, joyful sing songs and long laughter.

We are focused on colouring pencils, yoga, textures, colours and contrast. 

We see children and wish to offer a version of the world that is as tasty as it can be.