Winter Wonders | a mini musical, was a co-production with Cumbernauld Theatre.

illustration by Jon Bishop,  The Grey Earl

illustration by Jon Bishop, The Grey Earl

Winter is coming and Summer is not happy about it. Summer thinks Winter is just too cold. But with the arrival of The Mischief Maker, Summer goes on a journey to learn all about the wonderful things Winter has to offer…

Winter Wonders | a mini musical was devised and created by the company.

Actor and Creative Collaborator | Kevin Lennon

Actor and Creative Collaborator | Sita Pieraccini

Director / Creator / Writer | Judith Williams

Designer and Co-Creator | Jon Bishop

Stage Manager [and knitting super star!] | Linsey Johnstone

Songs written in collaboration, music arranged & composed by Kevin Lennon

Cardboard Artist and Design Collaborator | Charlotte Duffy 

Costume Design | Jay Barry Matthews

Technical Support | Craig Crawford

Lighting | James Gardner

Lighting | Laura Hawkins

Plinth Building | David Carey



Special thanks to Helen Hughes for the sun / moon and rainbow scarf action and Penny Stuart for rainbow scarf action too! Kate Bonney for pointing us towards James Gardner. Matt at Platform and Kenny for making us welcome to R&D there. Jean at Cumbernauld for producing and administrative support. Sean for listening to our early ramblings and musings and helping us in a myriad of ways. Ed at Cumbernauld for trusting our vision and giving us the space and time to make it happen. Sarah, Eilidh and Fiona for previous years heads ups and creating beautiful work and a reputation to endeavour to meet! 

With silly songs and scarves and of course plenty of snow, Summer comes to learn the true wonders of winter and all about the joys of celebrating Christmas.

Winter Wonders is a show guaranteed to warm the coldest of winters.

Photography by Brian Hartley