Grandad and me, starts TOMORROW @ Summerhall, Edinburgh

It's actually happening, tomorrow no less. As part of the Made In Scotland showcase we're bringing Grandad and Me to the Edinburgh Fringe, performing in The Old Lab at Summerhall (12.05pm).

We've just put the finishing touches to the revised story, with brand spanking new animations choreography, props (yes, more props) and songs no less. We've been super lucky to work with some new creative collaborators to make it happen including Kate Bonney and Tim Reid.

We're also welcoming back Ruth Janssen as 'the girl', who started out as Co-Creator, dancer and silly song writer extroadinaire on the piece, way back when.

We're going to be sharing photos, audience comments and reviews over the next two weeks, so keep yer eyes on our social media posts and here on the blog to keep on top of it all.

It's going to be a hoot, we hope to see can make it along and see the new version of Grandad and Me at Summerhall, very soon.

Tickets available here

Jon + Jude,

The Letter J


It is all happening at the moment at Letter J HQ as we prepare to embark on our first outing with Grandad and Me, at the Imaginate Festival in Edinburgh and then on our Scotland tour in May.

We've got two weeks of tinkering time, starting Monday, where we'll be sharing some behind the scenes snaps, giving an insight into our making process......Expect a lot of iced buns to feature. 

But before all that, here's our official poster, with tour dates and venues featured. Get that diary out and pencil yourself, we can't wait to meet you!