Chicken Nuggets!

It's Andy and Jon, from The Letter J!


Where on earth are we and what in dicken's name are we up to, I hear you ask? Well, we were working in collaboration with Glasgow based creative Katie Eyre on an immersive experience at Tramway's Family Day.

It was a right old treat playing some new musical loopy goodness, in the setting of a handmade, toadstool covered, forest floor. With paper mache' tree stumps and giant butterflies for company, we set about creating a mellow musical experience for the visiting families.

Andy put his techy hat on and worked some audio magic with some of the younger children in the space. He recorded them recounting their very own forest related stories and then weaved them into the soundscapes that we built up musically. I'm not sure how forest related one of the stories was, but it centred around one little un's love for chicken nuggets!

There were some visuals projected throughout the day which both myself and Andy had worked on. A new venture into the world of animation, but one which we are hoping to develop further in the next development period of Grandad and Me. Very much looking forward to it and we'll make sure to show some tasters on here once they're up and running...... stay tuned!