Festival 2013, Denmark

Hej (hello) from Denmark!

That's right, The Letter J have gone international and are currently spreading the good word about our creative endeavours in Denmark no less! We've been treated to an array of magical performances for young audiences and are picking up lots of inspiration and ideas each and every day. Here's a bit of official blurb about the festival:

Festival 2013 is the 43nd Festival - Theatre for Young Audiences in Denmark. The festival (hosted in and around Nykøbing Mors), is the world's largest festival of its kind presenting a great variety of both national and international performances, the perfect opportunity to network, share knowledge and experiences and to attend inspirational seminars and conferences. 

...And that we have, it's been a roller coaster ride of performances and networking. All thanks from The Letter J go to the most amazing organisation ever, Imaginate, who have very kindly brought us along for this beautiful ride....bikes n'awl!

We'll post more about the trip soon, but right now we've got more shows to get to!

Imaginate, Tak you very much!

Jon and Jude