Imaginate Festival 2013

Imaginate Festival 2013 is upon us and entire The Letter J team (even Andy, whose name we only just realised doesn't actually begin with a 'J' at did that slip by us?), were lucky enough to visit and see some incredible performances. An absolutely magical piece was Something Very Far Away by London based Unicorn.

The design of the production was what immediately grabbed me, with some inspiring sets, puppetry and animated models. The story (I'll try not to give anything away here), was very well paced and at one rather sad moment in the show, a six foot long hanky was passed along all four members of the letter J team, for simultaneous nose blowing.

Something Very Far Away

It has left me with a bonse full of ideas and I'm very excited to see what influences all of the shows at the Imaginate festival have on our work as a collective. If you can, I thoroughly recommend getting along to see this performance and any others on the bill, the quality is blinkin' top notch....thankyou Imaginate.